EOP : Easy-to-Open Pack
An ergonomic, efficient and economic concept for easy opening of shrink-packs

Intended for any product collated in packs under plastic film, with or without cardboard tray, the patented EOP system eliminates all the weaknesses of the existing easy opening solutions and proposes at last a simple, convincing and reliable solution to consumers :

  • opening zone adjusted to the hand and placed in the area that is intuitively perceived as the weakest one on the pack,
  • opening in one move, without tool, on all pack’s length,
  • retains pack’s sturdiness before opening,
  • easy and effortless access to products,
  • suitable for total as well as partial unpacking.

An ease of opening that can be felt immediately

Lay down one’s hand on the top of the pack, press, pull, take a bottle : since the opening experience proposed by EOP can easily be compared with the one of usual packs, its benefits can be felt and quantified immediately.

A pack that stands, before and after opening

With EOP, no more torn, smashed or separated packs :

  • the film is not punched and can thus not be torn unexpectedly,
  • the opening allows to easily take products without having to separate it,
  • the opened pack keeps standing, on shelves as well as at home.

A real added value for the consumer, but also for retail and catering professionals

If EOP is first intended for the end-user, it also simplifies the everyday life of retail and catering professionals who have to open and handle on a daily basis large quantities of packs made of 12, 24 units or more in order to fill shelves and vending machines. The opening on all pack’s length in one move and without tool offers them more quickness and safety.
Still steady after opening and removal of a few containers, the shrink-pack can return to the warehouse as it is.

An innovative and economical system easy to implement

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