An original weakening method : No perforations, the film is only stamped. The weakened zone is very discreet, precisely delimited, and film’s integrity is preserved. The sturdiness of the pack before opening is thus not jeopardized.

An innovative weakening method

The EOP device is only stamping the film, a method which, unlike punching systems, retains its resistance and offers precise delimitation of the weakened area.

A flexible system

The size and place of the opening area can be adapted to each kind of pack (with or without tray, nested or linear).

A profitable solution

Easy opening is an increasingly demanded feature on shrink-packs.
EOP allows to offer it with a minimum extra cost for the manufacturer :

  • no added strip,
  • no extra cost on shrink-film due to a change in formulation or thickness (the system operates with standard films),
  • discreet stamping that can be applied on existing graphic design,
  • reliable system (the film is simply unwinding around the device, very few adjustments necessary),
  • production outputs and line efficiency are maintained.

A device easy to implement

EOP is an independant device that can be fitted on all shrink-wrappers within half a day.
An additional day of process validation and your easy opening option will be fully operational.

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