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Divide from one to two lanes

During our discussions with customers and integrators, we discovered dividing difficult containers or dividing at high-speed onto 2 lanes cannot find a satisfactory solution.

For example, at high speeds, train dividers require numerous conveyor segments to reduce the linear speeds of the trains and thus attempt to reduce the violence of destructive impacts on the containers.

Our solution without shocks and which immediately balances the lanes is ideal in front of packaging machines such as cluster packs, cartonners, etc... packing bottles or aluminum cans by 4, 6 or 8, at high speed.

Flow Splitter

1: Servo motorized flow control device ensures controlled flow to the next stage

2 : A continuous side pushing device moves every second container laterally towards a second chain

3: The chain is tilted to complete flow separation

4 : Two connection heads with speed reduction close the spaces

fsp working principle.png

Suitable for all types of rigid containers such as cans, glass jars and bottles, PET bottles, cartons, multipacks (in film, glued, with top cardboard, etc.)...

We designed a system using existing technology used on DemoS for years:

  • A flow control device: Dosing conveyor + feeding conveyor + flow regulation with side belts synchronized with spacers, exactly the same as those used in the DemoS.

  • A gentle lateral pushing device: We use the same synchronized belt construction as our flow control or flying bar modules in use in the DemoS. The pusher is simply attached to the belt without a mechanism. It has no rod or sliding parts. The separation movement is simply done at a small angle to ensure that the pusher will not touch the downstream container.

  • Conveyors: As existing in the DemoS.

  • Automationnot: Less complex than in the DemoS.

fsp layout.png

Total length= 5200 mm (can be extended for special applications)

Total width: 1400mm

The Flow Splitter allows:

A high speed:

  • Continuous movement without creating large spaces between each container (no slipping and differential speeds)

  • Perfect synchronization of the servomotors between the flow regulation and the side pusher

  • Smooth, low-speed transverse movement capable of handling even unstable containers.

Flexibility and lightning-fast changes:

  • Economical and easy change of the flow control side belts (as in the DemoS) to precisely adapt to another container.

  • The side push device can be suitable for several types of containers. If the dimensions difference is too big, these side synchronized belts can also be replaced in 2 minutes.

  • Compactness: The deviation of every other container allows immediate balancing of the downstream conveyor, and the following parallel station can reduce the gap with a very reasonable reduction in speed.

Ability to handle containers with labels that are still wet - our separator can be installed directly after the labeler.

Reduced maintenance costs: Basically no wearing parts except (in the long term) the synchronized belts and modular conveyor chains.

Ability to handle unstable containers, ability to handle packs.

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