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The DemoS Collator adapts to all line configurations

DemoS Collator 90° - 180° - 360°
demos 90 2.png
demos 180 2.png
demos 360 2.png

The DemoS-180 and the DemoS-360 are equipped with an innovative 90° curved belt.


This module makes possible to transfer the rows of containers coming out of the first cycler with retractable bars (pushes at 90°) to the next module as a set of belts to create the groupings, a combiner high cadence or a case packer/wrapper/palletizer located in-line.


The first module DemoS, optional combiner and row management belts set are 100% standard devices.


This 90° curved belt has been extensively tested, and its function is only to transfer rows. All transfers are carried out at the same speed (as always with femaag) to guarantee a total stability containers.

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