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The FEMAAG team

All the skills required for our company are internal,

- Mechanical design and automation

- Supply chain and manufacturing

- On-site installation and after-sales service

- Sales and administration

Half of femaag's employees come from the packaging machinery industry
(more than 100 years of cumulative experience in this field).

We are internationally oriented and speak fluent French, English, Spanish and German to best serve our customers around the world

Founding President & Technical director

François Gosset

Sales department

Valérie Volant       Lucie Hebert      Cyril Touchet      Sébastien Andres


Alban Gosset

Project management

David Ferrando

Mechanical design

Antoine Lebourg       Alex-Sandro Dos-Santos       François-Régis de Brunier       Quentin Cuffel

Electrical automation and commissioning

Théo Vandewiele       Alexandre Gérard       Clément Pipon       Jimmy Levasseur

Purchasing & Assembly

Lydia Hébert      Herick Demaris    Johnny Lambert    Mathéo Demaris       David Hebert
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