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Nest'Packer staggered modules

DSCF1519 (2)_edited.png
Our Nest'Packer modules are mechanical modules installed in the grouping cycler, between the original product selection system and the wrapping station.

They enable the shrink-wrappers to be equipped with a simple, reliable and economical staggering solution:

  • Keeping the possibility of creating “classic” packs,

  • Without changing the product selection system,

  • Without extending the machine,

  • Without impact on electrical wiring and automation,

  • By maintaining your conveyors system and palletizer,

  • By choosing from our 4 shapes the one that offers the most benefits.

They adapt to all brands and models of shrink wrappers (Sidel, Cermex, Krones, KHS-Kisters, ZVT, Ocme, SMI, Dimac...): one single solution for your entire installed base, it’s simpler!

One day of intervention is enough to equip a line (installation + validation in production).

Our Nest'Packer modules are suitable for:

  • Flat bottom PET bottles

  • PET bottles with petaloid bottom

  • HDPE bottles

  • Cans

  • Glass bottles

  • Canned goods

  • For containers from 25cl to 2l

  • For groupings of 6 to 40 units

  • For symmetrical, asymmetrical staggering, in rows or for semi-staggered

Already more than 140 lines equipped!

Asymmetrical Nest'Packer module:

sch x12 asym hq.png

femaag has invented and patented a solution that allows to produce very easily asymmetrical nested packs on continuous motion shrink-wrappers. Our Nest’Packer device just has to be fitted in the collating unit. With this non-powered purely mechanical device, it is no longer necessary to entirely review the entry and selection areas of the machine : moving to nested packs is done in a twinkle.

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