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Our 4 forms of staggering

femaag is the only supplier capable to offer solutions for 4 different patterns of nested packs applied on groupings ranging from 6 to 40 units:

  • symmetrical staggering of columns

  • asymmetrical  staggering of columns

  • staggering of rows

  • semi-staggering (patented concept)

Advantages of semi-staggered:
  • Maximum nesting of the packs on the pallet (higher loading, better stability)

  • Large facing (brand image, communication to consumers)

Advantages of asymmetrical staggering of columns:
  • Brings the highest level of pack stiffness

  • Smaller and stronger bull’s eyes (first column with one container less) : additional savings on film thickness ; less risk of having a container taken out through the bull’s eye

  • Attractive and convenient for consumers

This arrangement is very easy to produce on any ligne with our Nest’Packer asymmetrical staggering device (patented).


One of the two above listed patterns can be the one that will provide you with the highest savings ; however, the optimum staggering pattern depends on several parameters :

  • Diameter of the container

  • Number of containers grouped together

  • Dimensions of the pallets

  • Accepted overhangs

femaag will carry out for you a comparative study showing how much money you can save with each nested pack pattern. Contact us to get started.

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