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femaag is today the only contact on the market to offer you a complete service for the transition to staggered packs in the shape that will offer you the most profits (symmetrical, asymmetrical, in rows or semi-staggered). Made of experienced specialists machines and packaging lines, our team takes care of your project from A to Z:

Detailed technical-economic analysis

  • We study the different options available for your products depending on your groupings and your machine fleet, to offer you the most suitable staggered format.

  • We create palletization schemes that take into account the nesting of packs

  • We provide you with an initial estimate of the profits generated (raw materials, optimization of pallets and transport). You can refine this estimate by entering your exact costs in our calculation tool.

Maximization of gains: our Nest'Pall and Opti'Nest tools

Nest'Pall is a tool for defining palletization schemes which allows you to quickly determine, for a given grouping, the shape of the optimal pack and the possible palletisation schemes to maximize the filling of the pallet. Nest'Pall is a very precise tool which takes into account the compression of the container (soft bottle for example), the nesting rate of the staggered packs, as well as the admissible overhangs of the layer in relation to the pallet.

Opti'Nest allows you to go even further in maximizing the filling rate of your pallets and the gains generated by switching to the staggered pack by offering you an optimal diameter for your containers.

Validation of the solution

  • We provide you with packs and pallets made from the chosen configuration

  • We have the stability of your pallets tested by an independent organization (ESTL)

Support in your customer approach

  • We provide you with our photos, videos, arguments

  • We provide you with samples of packs and pallets

Editing the line

  • We define all the modifications to be made to your equipment

  • We proceed with the complete installation of the staggering module

  • We assist you in reprogramming your palletizer.

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